A journey from black-and-white through full color following the outlines of a female body and the environment in which it exists. Eternity Woman embraces femininity and centers on the hieroglyph of Eternity.

This multi-media exhibition features a dance performance interpreting and blending the themes and images presented through a series of photographs.

This exhibition explores the effect the veil has on how we perceive ourselves and in masking the distinctive traits used to categorize man or woman, young or old, blonde, brown, red, yellow or green.

Veil is Obligatory is based on a childhood memory from nearly thirty years ago and incorporates sights, sounds and smells from that era. It is about a journey back home, a rediscovery.

Through photography, body art and live performance, Crushing Stones recreates the emotions, imagery and atmosphere of a “stoning” – contrasting the experience of the subject and the spectators.